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Goals are what young athletes see so many highlights of, they are what the crowd cheers for, and they represent the height of excitement in the beautiful game. Because of this one of the skills that soccer players want to work most often on is their shooting. So it makes sense to buy a soccer goal to practice on in the backyard, but what if there was something even better for training?

Youth player shooting at a Podiumax Portable Soccer Rebounder

Don’t get us wrong, a backyard soccer goal provides plenty of opportunities to expand a player’s skill set. But if you want to maximize their training time, and grow their all-around soccer skills, what you should seriously consider is a soccer rebounder (buy online).

What is a soccer rebounder?

A soccer rebounder is a specialized piece of equipment that’s designed to maximize the training efficiency of a solo or small group of players. A rebounder net typically has a sturdy frame of metal or high-density plastic that then has a more traditional net stretched tightly over it. 

Rebounders are often smaller than a regulation soccer goal to make them more portable.

The Difference Between a Soccer Goal vs. Rebounder

While every soccer team will need traditional goals to practice on, when it comes to individual players having a soccer goal in the backyard may not be a realistic or even efficient choice.

Soccer Ball bouncing off of a soccer rebounder

Shooting drills on a traditional goal work best with a keeper that can block shots or at least dig out the ball from the back of the net and feed it continually back to the offensive players. At a minimum, a soccer rebounder goal eliminates the need for a goalie, but it also keeps your drill time flowing smoothly and consistently. A rebounder can function as a kickback goal or even as a stand-in for an assisting player. It provides you with a variety of opportunities to use your time more efficiently when you’re faced with training alone.

Goal Keeper Drills

Here’s a creative way to get you shooting and goalkeeping in all at the same time. All you need is a ball, a goal and a rebounder.

Soccer Handbook Picks for Best Soccer Rebounders

Podiumax Portable Soccer Trainer – Youth Soccer Choice

Podiumax Portable Soccer Rebounder

Podiumax brand makes our best soccer rebounder list twice, which isn’t a surprise as they specialize in training equipment of all kinds. Their portable soccer goal rebounder is something special because of their unique rebound net. 

Standard soccer rebounder nets are flat which only sends the ball back in one direction. The Podiumax rebounder net is curved which helps to make returning shots less predictable and more game-like. This makes training players work harder as they must accurately practice shooting the ball, and then immediately reacting to its new returning direction. 

Another big advantage of the Podiumax is that it’s easily transportable. That means when the team needs to pack for away games or tournaments, it’s not too much to have this with you so your team can warm up with some dynamic drills. Its size and quick set up or pack away capabilities make it the perfect soccer trainer for any size backyard. Individual players can train their passes, reactions, and touch all on their own, turning any backyard into a potential training ground.


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Curved Net for Dynamic Rebound
  • Adjustable Angles


  • Only 1 shooter at a time
  • Small Net (4ft x 3ft)
  • Heavy for Size (17 lbs)

Check out the Podiumax Portable Soccer Trainer in action!

Podiumax Upgraded 2-in-1 Portable Soccer Trainer – SHB Choice

Podiumax  Upgraded Portable Soccer Trainer Rebounder

The Podiumax upgraded rebounder takes everything from the original portable soccer trainer and gives it an upgrade. This is closer to a soccer wall rebounder with its upgraded size to 4.7 ft in height and 6 feet in width.

Besides the expanded size, this rebounder allows two different players to practice at once. One player can shoot on the full-size front net, and another can practice passing and receiving passes on the smaller lower back net. This alone makes the Podiumax upgraded portable trainer a more efficient piece of training equipment for teams. In addition, the new soccer rebounder wall design allows players to train more reliably on volleys and half volleys. 

Settling and striking the ball while it’s in the air is an advanced skill. So it’s important that players are able to get time drilling these skills with consistent rebounds.


  • Two players can train at once
  • Train volleys and half-volleys
  • Largest Net (6 ft x 4.7 ft)


  • Not all metal frame
  • More Complicated to Set Up
  • Non-adjustable angles
  • Heavier Option (15.5 lbs)

SKLZ Quickster Portable Soccer Rebounder

SKLZ Quickster Portable Soccer Rebounder

The sports engineers at SKLZ designed their Quickster portable soccer rebounder to help players master both their first and second touches. SKLZ soccer data analysts determined that typically 80% of a soccer game is passing. On a fundamental level, it’s true that every single player on the team will pass more often than they shoot. 

That’s why the Quickster is designed to train players to deliver accurate passes as well as receive them. Not just at the ground or foot level, but also with their thighs, chest, and even heads. A great backyard option for families with multiple soccer players so they can train together at the same time. Siblings can have fun competing against each other in different drills and skills all while making each other better the whole time.

Two players can use this training device simultaneously, but it really shines when incorporated as a teammate in front of a goal. 

Place this in front of the net and have players deliver themselves a volley and then shoot on goal. This rebounder soccer drill alone trains passing, receiving, and shooting, and it’s a ton of fun! Have your team turn it into a game to simulate competitive pressure by running a continuous line, where if you score you get back and line, and if you miss you’re “out”. But in this case, players that are out will then be responsible for any shots that sail wide.


  • Two Players Can Train At Once
  • Rebound passes at various heights
  • Lowest Priced Two Net Rebounder
  • Lightweight Option (13.2 lbs)


  • Shorter Nets (7 ft x 3.5 ft)
  • Non Adjustable Angles
  • Net tension retention and durability

Franklin Sports Soccer Rebounder – Best Value

Franklin Sports Soccer Rebounder

The Franklin Sports Soccer rebounder is the simplest soccer wall rebounder that made the cut. But for what it lacks in complexity, it more than makes up for in durability. 

This is one of the only rebounders on our list that’s built to be outside and stay outside thanks to its black powder-coated steel construction. In addition to the steel frame, the net is considered an all-weather net designed for rugged use. We like Franklin outlining a center target square within the net. It’s a nice touch that helps players see where they need to place their shots for the best results. This rebounder is larger which helps it pull double duty as a kickback soccer goal that’s great for practice in the backyard or on the training pitch.

A drawback of this rebounder is that it isn’t portable. It is not quickly set up and taken down, and it does not come with a travel bag like other portable styles.


  • Durable Frame and Net
  • Two Sizes Available
  • Adjustable Angles
  • Lowest Price


  • Not Portable
  • Slow to Adjust
  • Basic Ball Rebounds
  • Heavier Option (20 lbs.)

Alpha Gear FC Soccer Rebounder Passing Wall – Long-Term Investment

Gear FC Soccer Rebounder Passing Wall

The Gear FC Soccer Rebounder board is one of the most unique rebounders around. It ditches the net entirely for a high-density all-weather polymer. This specific material makes the rebounder soccer wall highly resistant to cracking from impact as well as temperature fluctuations. This makes it a dependable choice in every season and every environment. For additional stability, the Alpha Gear soccer rebounder features four all-metal locking hinges. Ditching the netting also ensures that the feedback from the rebounder is consistent and doesn’t lose tension or rip over time.

 If you don’t think it can hold up to your power, the good news is that it comes with a 2-year warranty. This is especially important, as the Gear FC rebounder is the most expensive one on our list. It has the advantage of being extremely easy to fold up and transport, but it is also the heaviest.


  • No Lost Tension
  • Durable Design and Construction
  • Two Year Warranty
  • 2 Different Rebound Angles


  • High Price Point
  • Heaviest Option (32 lbs)
  • Smaller Rebound Surface (3.5 ft x 1.5 ft)

The Best Soccer Training Equipment Still Needs…

While any of the above soccer rebounders would benefit any individual or team, the fact is even the best soccer training equipment needs players who are motivated to get better. It’s important to keep in mind that in order for players to get the most out of their soccer rebounder they need to use it regularly, and creatively. It doesn’t help you get any better just by sitting outside or being brought to the sideline for practice or games.

Remember, as a coach or a player, rebounders are tools designed to make getting better at soccer easier. Make them work for you!

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Bryan Coe

Bryan Coe

Bryan is the founder of The Soccer Handbook. He has been playing soccer since he was 8 years old, continues to play, and has also done his share of volunteer coaching over the years. Bryan’s mission is to help coaches coach better and help people enjoy the beautiful game throughout their lives.


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