How To Head A Soccer Ball (Training Video)

Anyone that has played soccer for any length of time knows that there IS a proper way to head a soccer ball. If you’ve ever headed a ball wrong, you know it! You might feel like someone kicked you in the head.

No one wants that! Plus, it could lead to what some call mini-concussions.

Since heading the ball is an essential part of the game of soccer, it is a good idea to make sure you are doing it correctly. At any age!

Let our FA Women’s Championship star show you how it is done.

Learn The Proper Technique To Head A Soccer Ball

Today we are going to be talking about the proper technique behind heading a ball. The main point behind heading a soccer ball is where you want the ball to make contact on your head. You do NOT want to head the ball on top of your head. This can actually really hurt and in worst cases, can give you a concussion.

How To Head a Soccer Ball

  1. You want to hit the ball in the dead center of your forehead. When you head the ball in the middle of your forehead, you shouldn’t have any pain!
  2. Next, you don’t want the ball to hit your head. You actually want to meet the ball with your head. In order to do that, you need to use your neck to follow through. If you let the ball hit your head and you don’t follow through, that is how you can hurt yourself.
  3. Lastly, you want to use your arms to generate more power. You do not want to keep your arms down by your side and you also don’t want to cross your arms over your chest. Instead, Have your arms out in front, and as your neck is following through, pull your arms back. This will allow you to keep the proper technique and give you more power!

Kids Soccer and Heading

Soccer is a great game for kids. It helps them stay active, learn better coordination and motor skills, and how to follow directions.

But unfortunately, concussions are a growing concern for young players. In many cases, youth leagues have forbidden heading the ball for their players up to 12 years old.

Not allowing headers may be a good way to help prevent concussions, and if you are a parent that is introducing a child to the beautiful game, please take advantage of the US Youth Soccer’s resources on concussions.

Another thing to think about in order to prevent injury is to make sure that young players are using the right-sized soccer ball for their age and heading correctly. Watch the video to make sure your kids are heading the ball correctly.

Dee Bradley

Dee Bradley

Deirdre Bradley has been playing since she was 4. She played her collegiate soccer at Old Dominion University where she graduated with a double major in Sports Management and Business Management. She currently plays for Durham Women FC in England in the FA WSL 2.


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